Less than 500 left show

This was an adventure for us, 3 of us took 2 cars to the Grampian Transport museum in Alford just outside Aberdeen for a show called less than 500 left, which as the name suggests meant there were some rare cars on display as it refers to on the road examples only. My Cavalier convertible auto has only 23 left and Stewarts Audi Coupe 16v has 117 left according to the organisers who got their info from the website www.howmanyleft.com , have a look at you car listing, you might be suprised! They take the number left against the number built and work out the rarest, this was an Opel Commodore B coupe GS/E auto 2.8, of which this was the only 1 left out of 110,000 made! This was the 1st year for this event, a great sucsess, it also has a very good transpot museum to browse through, not big like Glasgow, but everything is very well displayed not hung on walls . Well worth the distance travelled, we will do it again.

Pictures of the event and inside the transport museum are now in the photos section.

Next event will be Thirlestane on the 7th June.

Posted by: David Young | Monday 25th of May 2015  More News

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