Silverstone 25th classic

A great road trip for my Cavalier convertible at the weekend, the car did a 700 mile round trip, 4 up and fully laden with all our camping gear and provisions to the 25th anniversary event at the Silverstone racetrack. The event was a celebration of classic racing oner the past 25 years and featured over 8 hours per day racing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with sports cars, F1s, touring cars, Group C Le Man racers to name but a few as well as thousands of classics on display in the infield arenas.Over 100,000+ public turnout over the weekend.The highlight for us was taking part in the Silver Sunday parade of over 170 silver cars from all over the country and abroad aroud the full Silverstone Grand Prix track, the weather on Sunday morning was wet but just as the marshals prepared to open the track entry the rain went off and we dropped the hood and drove out onto the track for a spectacular parade alongside all sorts of silver exotic and standard cars, what an experience!the photos from this are in the photos section, there are a lot but there was so much to see!next HC event will be Kames at Muirkirk on 2nd Aug.

Posted by: David Young | 2015-07-27  More News

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